We Make Quality Make Sense

A lot has been said and done about quality and customer service over the past 25 years.

Quality systems have emerged, captured the spotlight for a few years, and then faded, leaving behind a hodgepodge of usable but disconnected programs. Within the same organization, accounting believes in TQM, operations uses Black Belts, warehouse workers focus on just-in-time (JIT) inventory management, quality preaches ISO certification, and customer service agents try to "exceed their customers’ expectations".

The result is a poor ROI for each dollar invested in quality. Because everyone focuses on different goals, with different improvement methods and languages, there is little interaction, coordination, or optimization of the organization’s efforts as a whole.

Philip B. Crosby spent his 50 year career uniting these different functional and organizational cultures. His pragmatic philosophy has become the universal standard and business model for creating reliable, hassle-free organizations throughout the world, because his simple and powerful approach is literally the foundation on which many of today’s improvement approaches were constructed.

Today, Philip Crosby Associates understands the strengths and inherent benefits within each improvement approach, but also the costs to your organization from failing to integrate and unify them on a company-wide level. That's why we can assess your current improvement efforts, understand your strategic objectives, and help you optimize the efforts of all employees by implementing a corporate culture of Quality Management and process improvement based on a common philosophy and language.

How Philip Crosby Redefined Quality

In 1979, as a Vice President of the mega-conglomerate ITT, Philip Crosby turned his operating philosophy into the groundbreaking book Quality Is Free. In defiance of the conventional wisdom, Crosby defined quality in simple and absolute terms so anyone could quickly establish whether or not quality existed in the workplace, or even at a single workstation. In this best-selling book, Crosby also introduced his Absolutes of Quality Management™ which remain the cornerstone of PCA’s approach today.

In the years that followed, more than 100,000 managers and executives attended Crosby’s training sessions to learn and apply these powerful principles. The diversity of these businesspeople, from Norway to Argentina, from manufacturers to non-profits, and from multinational corporations to small, family-owned businesses, testifies to both the power and the universality of Crosby’s approach.

But old habits die hard. Too many companies still work from a management playbook developed in the 1940’s, struggling and failing to implement the latest improvement approaches. Others that successfully applied Crosby’s principles in the past have been sold, merged, or failed to pass on these critical elements of their success to the next generation of managers, workers, and supervisors. For these organizations, Crosby’s approach is as innovative today as it was in 1979.

Today, Philip Crosby Associates impacts a worldwide clientele, applying Crosby's philosophy of Quality Management and customer success with executives, managers, government ministers, and production workers who understand its crucial importance. They are creating and sustaining the reliable, capable, and successful organizations that prove every day that quality is indeed an achievable, lucrative, strategic, and hassle-free absolute. And it is through their daily efforts, where quality is consistently caused, productivity continually increased, profitability diligently grown, and customers ultimately made successful, that Crosby’s principles are applied, affirmed, and extended.

We invite you to join this group of successful and innovative leaders.

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