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Our Quality Management Services

How does Philip Crosby Associates work today?
Philip Crosby Associates has been working with clients for almost three decades to develop the common language, systems and tools necessary to develop a sustainable culture of quality across an organization. Today, our team works directly with client companies to integrate quality into the way people manage and operate their business. We directly engage senior executives, managers and staff to address the issues, challenges and concerns facing all aspects of the work being performed. At Philip Crosby Associates, our methods and systems create the foundation required for people and teams to embrace quality in the way work is accomplished every day. Yet, we do not stop there. Through our hands-on working relationships with client leadership teams, we ensure quality becomes an integral part of the actions taken at all levels of the organization. In this way, quality acts as differentiator for our clients because it is placed at the core of the organization's culture and values.
What are the benefits Philip Crosby Associates brings to our company?
The team at Philip Crosby Associates brings a wide range of experience in delivering quality systems to organizations of all sizes and industries. The team helps client companies create the foundation required for quality to thrive. Our proven approach enables the executive team to drive measurable success in the development of their people, processes, and interactions with suppliers and partners. Our work together delivers sustainable change in the organization to better serve customers, improve products and services, and reduce the non-valued expense of error and waste.
Is there a way to quantify the impact of poor quality on an organization?
Most organizations spend 25-40% of operating cost in non-valued activities (the Price of Nonconformance™). While this number appears to be substantial, we find this cost has been borne out time and again because requirements are not clear, not communicated, nor consistently met. Implementation of quality improvement results in a planned and steady reduction of the Price of Nonconformance, reducing cost and providing capacity to grow the business without the need for additional capital and staff.
How does Six Sigma and other quality methodologies relate to how Philip Crosby Associates approaches quality improvement?
The Philip Crosby approach lays the fundamental foundation to build quality across an organization. A strong foundation of quality enhances the dedicated and specialized tools of Six Sigma, Lean Production and Business Excellence to deliver a more consistent and measurable level of quality. Therefore, these approaches integrate and complement each other. The team at Philip Crosby Associates has experts trained in a wide range of quality tools and methodologies. We work with our clients to ensure the organization is able to integrate and leverage the strengths of the investments being made in quality.
How do know if the Crosby approach is right for our company?
Learning more about how we work at Philip Crosby Associates requires a small investment of time from the key decision makers at your company or organization. Philip Crosby Associates has created a process to help executive leaders understand whether our approach to achieving sustainable quality is right for them. Together, we engage in a discovery process that establishes a shared dialogue about the challenges facing the organization and how Philip Crosby Associates can help. This discovery process becomes an important step to better understand the benefits we offer, as well as the actions Philip Crosby Associates will take the company through to achieve sustainable results. It is through an interactive exchange with our quality team that enables your executive leaders to make a confident decision about how best to proceed.
Can you send a brochure that describes your service offering?The team at Philip Crosby Associates has developed a process that enables companies interested in learning more about our services to get to know us. We discovered long ago that brochures cannot provide the right level of information needed by decision makers. Instead, we interact directly with your key representatives and the executive team to establish an interactive dialogue that grounds our relationship.
How many companies have turned to you for assistance?
More than 1,500 companies around the globe have worked with Philip Crosby Associates to establish and maintain a system for creating quality across their organizations. Over one million of our clients' employees have been educated using our systems and processes.

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Where can I find a current training schedule for educational courses in quality?Training courses for individuals or small teams are no longer offered by Philip Crosby Associates. Our work today takes us into client companies in order to address specific quality concerns. Our clients take us all over the globe to interact with their teams. We no longer conduct sessions in a centralized Philip Crosby facility. We work where you work.
Are the Quality College courses and materials available?Philip Crosby Associates no longer offers the Quality College courses, including QES, QWG, MCI, CROM and Facilitator Certification Training. We have redesigned our service offering to work directly with client companies to establish a culture of quality across the organization. The former training materials are no longer being licensed. If you have questions about a specific license or the rights to use materials, please contact us.
Our company was a former Crosby client. How can we get course materials to continue educating our employees?Philip Crosby Associates has made many changes to our offering over the years. As the business climate and conditions change, we work hard to ensure our services meet current market demands. That is why Philip Crosby Associates no longer offers the courses or materials developed for the Quality College. We have redesigned our service offering to work directly with client companies on critical issues facing their businesses. Our former training materials are no longer being licensed. If you have questions about a specific license or the rights to use existing materials, please contact us.
How can I get verification of my past attendance at the Quality College?We will do the best we can to locate your attendance records. However, the computer systems at the company have changed over time and all records are no longer available. Please use our Request Info form to submit your inquiry. Once we acknowledge your request, we will ask for supporting information, e.g. an electronic copy of the certificate of completion from your session. Please be aware that we do not re-issue any certificates. If you need proof of attendance for continuing education credit, we will do what we can with the information available to us in order to provide a letter of verification.

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Where can I learn more about Philip Crosby?The distinguished career of Mr. Philip B. Crosby (1926-2001) is well known throughout the global quality community. For over 35 years, Mr. Crosby was both a philosopher and pragmatic practitioner of quality management. His writings helped to stimulate international interest in the quality field that was a catalyst for a global awakening and driver for a worldwide movement that matured over the past two decades. His innovative thinking and creative outlook on quality management have been the inspiration for thousands of companies around the world. Mr. Crosby made many significant contributions to the core quality body of quality knowledge and served as an international ambassador extending the influence of quality thinking to the furthest parts of the globe. One area emphasized throughout Mr. Crosby's career was his focus on clear communication of the message of quality. Mr. Crosby considered himself a writer and communicator who plainly spoke his message and reached a broad audience because of his clear and pragmatic writing style. Read more. You may also want to explore an excellent online resource provided by the Winter Park, FL public library.
How can I learn more about Philip Crosby's principles of quality management?If you haven't read, Quality Without Tears, we suggest you start there. The book was written to further the concepts introduced in Mr. Crosby's best-selling title, Quality Is Free. In the second book you will find the Absolutes of Quality and the 14 Steps to quality improvement. Quality Without Tears can be found in our Web Store or listed with online booksellers.
Is Mr. Crosby's original bestseller, Quality Is Free, still available?Unfortunately, the book that started the quality revolution is no longer in print. The good news is that Quality Without Tears remains a popular title and can be found in our Web Store or listed with online booksellers.
How can my organization get permission to publish a high resolution picture of Philip Crosby? If you are interested in receiving permission to for a one-time use of Mr. Crosby's picture or related information about him, you will need to supply us with the following data: organization name, address, telephone, web address and a designated contact person; the purpose for your request; a description of how the picture and/or information about Philip Crosby will be used; the publication date and timeframe for permission and whether the publication expects to generates revenue as well as an estimated revenue stream. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis. Please submit this information in the message box included on our Request Info form. We will contact you with further questions once we review your initial request.

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Does Philip Crosby Associates provide speakers for events or local quality meetings?We thank you for your interest in spreading the message of quality improvement. Unfortunately, the quality team at Philip Crosby Associates is not available for speaking opportunities at this time.
What is the distribution calendar for the e-newsletter Take Ten Minutes?Philip Crosby Associates and the Capability Group have suspended publication of the popular Take Ten Minutes e-newsletter. In a world of evolving communications, we determined it was time to make a change.

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