I read Quality is Free on an airplane in the summer of 1998.  To say the book made an impression is an understatement; six months later I launched my own company and six years later I bought Philip Crosby’s.

At the time I was a Quality Leader, responsible for implementing Six Sigma across GE Energy.  My first impression was that the book was entertaining but much too simple – it didn’t include the usual topics of Pareto charts, designed experiments, or Cpk calculations.  It did, however, explain why our quality efforts had been successful in some areas but not in others. 

Six Sigma was clearly having an impact on GE, but the impact was most dramatic when applied in harmony with Phil’s approach to quality.  Once we understood this, we began improving the business much more efficiently and effectively, and as our successes piled up so did my confidence that I could create benefits in any organization.

By the end of the year I had launched my own consulting firm, The Capability Group, and was working with some of the most prestigious names of the Fortune 500.  But a few years later Quality is Free entered my life again:  my company, launched after reading of Quality is Free, purchased Crosby’s company launched as a result of the book’s commercial success.

Today Philip Crosby Associates helps organizations build a culture of quality and The Capability Group extends this foundation to help companies realize short-term goals and long-term dreams.  Or, as in my case that day on the airplane, far beyond what they had ever dreamed possible.

Kevin Weiss
Philip Crosby Associates and The Capability Group

Business process improvement can be like a long trip to a high mountaintop – a difficult goal, constantly changing terrain, many critical skills required, and real rewards for reaching the top.  With that in mind, Philip Crosby Associates and The Capability Group came together in 2004 to help prepare your team to conquer its own set of unique business challenges. Whether your company is planning a walk around the block or a trek to the summit of Mount Everest, we can provide the philosophy, methodology and tools to reach your destination.